Packing & Weather

Weather And Climate
The chart below outlines the average temperatures and precipitation in New Orleans in November.

Average: November
High °F 72 °F
Low °F 53 °F
Precipitation 3.8 inches

We recommend checking the latest forecast before you depart. The Weather Channel website is a good resource.

Clothing And Packing Suggestions
Casual attire is appropriate for activities on this trip. We recommend planning your travel wardrobe around casual, practical and comfortable clothing. Items that can be layered will provide you with maximum comfort and flexibility. Broken-in, comfortable walking shoes are essential. Please avoid even a moderate heel for excursions-walking on uneven surfaces is easiest in low-heeled, broken in shoes.

Keeping your particular needs and comfort in mind, the following list of suggested items may be of use to you.

Essential Items

  • Face coverings
  • Hand Sanitizer for personal use
  • Comfortable walking shoes with nonskid soles
  • Pullover sweater or cardigan
  • Lightweight jacket
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Umbrella and/or rain poncho
  • Daypack
  • Camera and accessories (including chargers, extra batteries and memory cards)
  • Travel adapter and converter
  • Prescription drugs with a copy of the prescription itself (using the generic name). All essential medications need to be in their original containers, and should always be packed in your carry-on luggage.
  • Over-the-counter medicine for common ailments such as headaches, upset stomach and colds, including lozenges. Tour Managers are not permitted to provide OTC medicine to travelers.
  • Sunscreen, sun glasses, and sunburn-relief products

Essential Paperwork

  • Passport along with photocopies of your passport that are kept separately
  • List of credit card numbers and credit card company phone numbers
  • Hotel Contact List and Itinerary (sent in your Final Mailing)

Recommended Items

  • Thermometer for personal use. Your Tour Manager will also have a thermometer for daily temperature checks.
  • Moisturizing lotion and lip balm
  • Minor first-aid kit that includes Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment
  • Reusable plastic bags for storing damp or dirty clothing or shoes
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable shopping bag for souvenirs
  • Reusable shampoo/conditioner bottles (instead of travel size)

Optional Items

  • Re-usable Utensils
  • Liquid soap for hand laundry
  • Earplugs and/or eye shades for light sleepers
  • Workout attire

Keep in mind the luggage weight requirements. Please consult your airline for their specific requirements.

Consider packing lightly. The more a plane weighs, the larger the carbon emission!

Laundry Availability
Please note there are no on-site laundry services available at the Eliza Jane Hotel, but the front desk can assist with off-site laundry service.