Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will you decide if my trip will operate?

A:  While we have every intention of operating your trip, it is still too early to guarantee your departure. We will notify you at least 60 days prior to departure whether your tour will operate as planned. Certain conditions will need to exist in order to give the trip a “greenlight”.  At a minimum, these include:

  • Our destination has limited community spread of COVID-19
  • Sites, venues, restaurants and shops in our destination are open for business
  • We have a minimum number of travelers confirmed on the trip to make the trip viable

Q: When will I know if my trip will operate?

A: In order to make the best, most-informed decision, we intend to wait as long as possible to see if the above conditions are met. However, we also understand that people need ample time to arrange their schedules, purchase flights, and prepare to travel.  For this reason, we will make a final decision about whether your trip is moving forward by 60 days prior to your scheduled departure.

Q: When should I book my flights?

A: Although it may be tempting to take advantage of low fares that are currently being offered, we would not advise booking non-refundable flights until you are notified about the status of the trip, 60 days prior to departure. Any non-refundable penalties imposed by an airline will not be covered should your tour cancel.

Q: I have decided I no longer want to travel in 2021, even if Academic Travel Abroad determines it to be safe. What happens if I cancel now?

A: All bookings for 2021 tours have flexible cancellation terms and conditions. Deposit payments will be fully refundable until 60 days prior to departure. Up to that point, passengers may cancel and receive a full refund.


Q: If the trip is cancelled what happens to the deposit I’ve already paid?

A:  If Academic Travel Abroad cancels the trip, your deposit will be refunded in full. The refund will be made to the credit card on which you made your initial payment.


Q: I intend to travel, but what if I get sick and am unable to travel. What should I do?

A: If you get sick within the 60 days prior to departure and are unable to travel, there will be no refund. Many trip insurance plans will provide coverage if you or your travel partner contract COVID-19 and cannot travel.  Please check the Travel Insurance page for more information.


Q: What if I get sick while traveling?

A: If you begin feeling symptoms while traveling, isolate yourself in your hotel room immediately and contact your Tour Manager. Your Tour Manager will make sure steps are taken so you are able to be seen by a doctor or health facility. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will not be allowed to re-join the trip until you get clearance from a doctor.

While we will take every step to assist you if you become sick, any expenses for medical treatment or testing will be your responsibility. We strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance with medical coverage for this reason.


Q: What if someone in our group is infected with COVID-19 while traveling?

A: Your Tour Manager, expert and local partners will be thoroughly briefed on assisting any traveler who begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19 during the tour. They will first ask the traveler to immediately isolate themselves from the group. They will then assist in contacting a doctor or health facility and take the appropriate steps as advised by local health authorities. If you do test positive for COVID-19, the group will be informed of potential exposure and next steps.

Q: What if conditions change in the destination, and it becomes unsafe to travel?

A: If it becomes unsafe to travel at any point up to departure, or even during the trip, we will not hesitate to end the program early and work with travelers to adjust their travel plans. Due to airline regulations, it is sometimes difficult for us to assist if you book your flights independently. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our partnership with our air provider, CTP. When you book flights through CTP, we can more easily work with them to make adjustments to your itinerary in case of an emergency.

Once all travelers have safely arrived at their homes, your Guest Services Advisor will follow up with regards to any possible refunds or credits  


Q: What if I start feeling sick when I return home from my trip?

A: If you begin experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of returning from your tour, immediately isolate yourself, contact your doctor, and get a test. As soon as you can, contact your Guest Services Advisor who will continue to follow up with you as well as prepare a communication to the group.